Friday, September 2, 2011

John Embry interview with James Turk at GATA's Gold Rush 2011

John Embry ( and James Turk, Director of the GoldMoney Foundation, talk about the price of gold and the US debt downgrade.

They discuss Sinclair's $1,764 level and how the majority of observers still disparage gold, even if perception is slowly changing. They explain how the physical gold market is taking charge of gold price discovery and how strong physical demand will drive the price much higher.

They talk about how the price of gold will react in another market meltdown, similar to 2008, and whether there will be a sell-off. They conclude that this time the flight to safety will be more important than the rush for liquidity and that gold is uniquely placed to act as a safe haven, especially with T-bills and other traditional safe assets discredited by US debt issues.

John and James explain how important it is to own tangible asset that are free of counterparty risk. They also talk about some relatively safer currencies like the CAD, AUD and CHF, and conclude that, although better than the US dollar, they also have their flaws.

They talk about mining stocks and how undervalued they are. They mention key levels to watch in the XAU and HUI, as signals of a start to the mining stock rally. They move on to look at sovereign debt issues and how they expect other countries, like the UK, to suffer downgrades soon as well.

John also explains that China, despite its huge potential, is not without issues and he fully expects to see a lot of instability there.

This interview was recorded on August 5 2011 in London.