Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gold has formed a bottom at $1535

Today’s hard overrun of MAJOR support at $1584/$1675 and down to a low of $1535 (in spite of Friday’s punch down into that major support on a low of $1631.70), produced a 105 point rally action back up to $1640, and a close of $1630. We did not expect an overrun of 1584 at worst, but today’s rally back and close into the core of the support bracket itself indicates the beginning of a bottom action has begun.

We now expect a bottom action to occur at or above today’s low of $1535. Today’s extreme sell off and hard rally action does make the possibility of a narrow bottom quite possible.

The drop from $1923.70 to $1535 has generated an impressive wall of resistance, but which could be overcome in relatively short order if gold generates a narrow V bottom followed by hard rally action. Even so, the bottom should be visibly resolved here within another 14 to 15 days at most ff we are to have a moderately fast or a fast return to a test of the recent high ($1923.70), and thereafter, higher highs.

Our internal figures remain long term bullish…

- CIGA Kenny, via JSMineset.com