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Friday, September 10, 2021

Ron Paul: This is Not About Freedom or Personal Choice, It's All About TYRANNY

President Biden's overreach has reached unprecedented levels. He gave an outrageous speech yesterday, which laid out an outrageously unconstitutional "plan." 

The marriage of Big Government & Big Corporations is now on full display. Don't miss today's Liberty Report!

- Source, Ron Paul

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Silver Shakeout - People Are Holding On Tight

As the silver market plummeted, we have seen tremendous buying and no selling. "People are holding on tight," says Andy Schectman, president and CEO of Miles Franklin. "They know that this money creation is wrong, and they are not selling." Andy argues the recent movement was manipulation.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Global Reset to Include Gold and Silver Backing

Tom welcomes back to the show forward thinker Jaime Carrasco of Canaccord Genuity. 

Jaime discusses how liberating and thankful he is to be working for an independent firm that doesn't censor his speech. 

We live in a dystopian world, and it's important to inform clients what the future may hold.

- Source, Palisade Radio

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Ron Paul: The Worst Tax, Who's Responsible For Skyrocketing Food Prices?

Government is always limited to how much it can tax the people directly. People will ultimately rebel against high taxes. 

So, as a workaround, a monopoly was granted to The Federal Reserve. 

If the government wants money, The Fed can just print it. The people will still pay for this, of course, but not directly. They'll pay when they see rising prices in the marketplace. 

The government can just blame something else as the cause. Inflation is the worst tax of them all.

- Source, Ron Paul

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Copper price hits 10 year highs, where is it headed from here?

Gary Wagner, editor of, discusses copper's latest bull run and where the price is headed from here.

- Source, Kitco News

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Taper Talk is A Total Misdirection? $6 Trillion in Spending Planned For 2022 is The Main Problem

While the mainstream financial media talks about tapering QE because of the hundreds of billions in cash parked by US banks at the Fed's reverse repo facility, this is a total misdirection from the real problem. 

How the Biden administration is proposing spending to increase to $6 trillion in 2022 (and growing more after that) without anymore foreign net buyers (Japan and China are not buying anymore) of US Treasuries.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Golden Rule Radio: Gold And Platinum At Key Levels

This week we look at gold, silver, platinum, the DOW, US Dollar, and more. Gold is entering a key moment where the next long term bullish leg could push us well into the 2000s, or will we see a small correction in the short term allowing investors opportunities to accumulate.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Billionaire Real Estate Investor Sam Zell Admits This Week To Buying Even More Gold

This week billionaire real estate investor Sam Zell gave another interview on Bloomberg. 

He talked about inflation, his worries about the US Dollar long term and how input costs at all of his real estate businesses are rising. 

Zell even admitted to buying more gold.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Bill Fleckenstein: Investing For The Approaching End Of The Bull Market

Veteran money manager Bill Fleckenstein, Bill shares his perspective on how individual investors can consider positioning for the market dislocations that will likely be caused if/when rising rates in the bond market forces the Federal Reserve to stop its money printing.

- Source, Palisade Radio

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Is the gold standard returning? The single most important driver of price

The most important indicator of the gold price's direction is investment demand for the metal, said Jeff Christian, managing partner of CPM Group, and investment demand is still at historically elevated levels.

- Source, Kitco News

Monday, March 29, 2021

Bill Holter: The True Losses Are Hidden


(Click image to watch video)

Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter has been predicting the financial system is going to go down sooner than later. He says the signs are the lies being told to the public to try to hold the system together. 

 Holter explains, “If you look at everything, nothing is natural. Everything is contrived. We are lied to about pretty much everything 24/7.

They lied about everything regarding Covid. They have lied about the election. 

 They are lying about the unemployment rate. They are lying about inflation. They are lying about the true amount of total debt outstanding. 

 They are lying about everything. And one other tidbit, 36% of all dollars outstanding have been created now, were created in the last 12 months. Oh, and the Fed is no longer going to publish M2. How can you make a business decision if you don’t know how much money is outstanding?”

This leads us to all the digital dollars sloshing around and Crypto currencies. Holter says, “Crypto currencies are a perceived exit from the system. 

 They are perceived as a safe haven. If Bitcoin, which is nothing but digital air, can become $65,000 per unit, what can something real become worth? What these crypto currencies are doing is illustrating a debasement of all the fiat currencies.”

Bill Holter says big loses in the financial world are being hidden from the public. Take real estate, for example. Holter points out, “The average mall in the United States is appraised 60% lower than it was a year ago. 

That’s a 60% drop. It’s now worth 40%. There is debt on these things they owe. These malls were not bought, built and created out of cash. They were created with credit. 

 So, now, the underlying collateral has crumbled, but because the bankruptcies, foreclosures and evictions have a moratorium on them, from single family homes all the way up to the malls, you are not actually getting to see the real pricing. 

 The devastation has happened, but it’s not become public–yet. 11 million houses across the country are behind on their mortgage payments—11 million houses.

Putting that moratorium on means all that does is hide what really happened. 

The central banks have become the buyers of last resort. If it were not for the central banks (printing massive amounts of money), it would be game over. 

 It’s not natural for the central banks to do what they are doing, but they have to because the system cannot survive without life support. This economy is a patient that has been on life support for more than 12 years.”

In closing, Holter says, “I have no idea on the timing. Could it be in April? Yes, and it could be tomorrow. It is mathematical that the system will implode because there is more debt outstanding than can ever be repaid. 

 That tells you there has to be a default. Either a default of non-payment or, the more likely and more politically acceptable, just smoke the currencies. Make the debt payable by devaluing them by 40% or 90%. Currencies are going to get smoked.”

- Source, USA Watchdog

Friday, March 26, 2021

Another $3 Trillion Spending Bill By Congress Already, $4.9 Trillion More Spending In Under 4 Months

After President Joe Biden just signed a $1,9 trillion "stimulus" bill it appears that a slight Democrat controlled CONgress is attempting to almost immediately follow that up with another $3 trillion infrastructure and health care bill.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Ron Paul: Democracy Cannot Be A License To Steal

Democracy is useful for the peaceful transfer of power. However, in an of itself, Democracy does not equal "Freedom." In fact, neither the Declaration of Independence, nor The U.S. Constitution mention the word "Democracy" anywhere. Is it a coincidence that the U.S. Constitution is almost completely ignored at the same time that America is considered a "Democracy"?

- Source, Ron Paul