Monday, April 30, 2018

Doug Duncan: Even US Government Economists Predict Trouble Ahead

Doug Duncan is not your average beltway economist. The chief economist for Fannie Mae is surprisingly outspoken about the troublesome outlook for the US economy. 

He's worried about the rising cost of debt service as outstanding credit continues to mount at the same time interest rates are starting to ratchet higher, too. He predicts the US will enter recession within a year, concurrent with a topping out of America's real estate market. 

It wouldn't surprise him to see the stock market falter, too, as central banks around the world begin a coordinated tightening of monetary policy and -- similar to the thoughts recently expressed within our podcast with Axel Merk -- Doug expects Jerome Powell to be much more reluctant to intervene in attempt to support asset prices. 

Having met personally with Powell, Doug thinks the Fed is now happy to see some of the air come out of the Everything Bubble (just not too much and not too fast) -- a market change from past Fed administrations.

- Source, Peak Prosperity

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Cryptos Next Phase to Be Fueled by Unlimited Global Fiat

Just when you thought Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies had burned out through exhaustion blowoff top and fallen into the valley of despair, along comes the steady-minded and soft-spoken Head of Research for, Alasdair Macleod, to share his professional opinion of what life stage cryptos are really in, and why their next phases are likely to be incomparable to what we've seen so far. 

Macleod traces the archetypical pattern of manias, and aligns the telltale signatures of the recent and current crypto craze to historic bubble markets. His thought-provoking conclusions, based on significant reasoning about the novel macro-factors at play in today's connected global fiat world, may well startle you! 

Alasdair further rounds out his tour of the year ahead with an authoritative update on the US Dollar, the Euro, England in a post-Brexit world, and what all this means to our economic lives. Don't miss it!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Gregory Mannarino: Bonds Signaling Greater Volatility Ahead! Gold and Silver to Benefit Immensely

Veteran trading coach Gregory Mannarino returns to Reluctant Preppers to update us on the latest deteriorating signals from the bond market that signal accelerating collapse of other markets. Mannarino draws the chilling historical parallels from today’s bonds signals to those that preceded the DotCom collapse and the collapse of 2008. 

Nicknamed the “Robin Hood of Wall Street,” Mannarino exhorts the common person to unplug from mindless entertainment distractions, pay attention, absorb the free learning and expert insight available on his TradersChoice.Net site, and to use the markets as a defensive weapon to protect ourselves and our families from economic oppression by the financial elite.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Warren Pollock: The US Government is A Vector of Theft

Geopolitical and financial analyst Warren Pollock says, “What we think of as our government, the voting booth that is just a veneer that is just to keep people placated. 

This bureaucracy, I think, is a major vector of theft. When we look at the actual function of our system, it is actually atrophied.” So, how do you navigate a bureaucratic system that is out to rob its citizens? 

Pollock says, “How do you get small? Not having a website is one way. Staying out of debt is one way. Not applying for federal programs is another way along with state programs, Medicaid, Medicare, any large debt acquisition.

Getting smaller houses and not getting credit for a new car. There are lots of ways for you to get small, and you will be happier as a result.”

- Source, USA Watchdog

Monday, April 23, 2018

ECB Is Now Preparing All Banks For The Economic Collapse

The house of lords or pushing to overturn the BREXIT, the central bankers will not allow the BREXIT to happen and they will used everything they have to stop it.

The Canadians just broke the old record for borrowing against their homes. 

This is happening as home prices are declining. Real estate market is headed for a disaster. Trump and Abe agree on trade. The ECB moves to protect all banks against the economic collapse.

- Source, X22 Report

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Keiser Report: Holy and Unholy

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the striking divergence since the late 1990s in the prime age labor market participation between the U.S. and its major OECD competitors, the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany. They ponder some of the reasons why U.S. labor market participation could be declining so rapidly. 

In the second half, Max interviews Craig Hemke of about JP Morgan’s silver turnaround - going from having a massive short position on the precious metal to accumulating one of the largest stockpiles of it in the world in a few short years.

- Source, Max Keiser

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Danielle Dimartino Booth on the $240 Trillion Global Debt Bomb

Danielle Dimartino Booth explain's the $240 Trillion global debt that includes emerging markets and rising interest rates on that debt.

- Source, Russia Today

Kevin O’Leary Is Wrong, Gold Miners Will Outperform

Contrary to Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary, Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Global Investors, sees gold mining stocks outperforming the physical bullion. 

“Our smart Beta GOAU [exchange-traded fund] is really a classic of showing you you have to get rid of those companies that are not creating value per share,” Holmes said. “The royalty companies have done well and those stocks that basically show better revenue per share, reserves per share, production per share, they far outperform.” 

On gold prices, Holmes said that there are several fundamental factors behind the recent rally in the yellow metal and has little to do with President Donald Trump’s tweets on Wednesday about the possible military strikes in Syria.The CEO of U.S. Global Investors maintains his long-term $1,500 an ounce gold call.

- Source, Kitco News

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

David Rosenberg’s Stormy Outlook, Look Out Below

After a tumultuous first quarter for stocks, what will the rest of the year bring? Nothing good, according to famed economist David Rosenberg of Gluskin Sheff. He outlines what could be ahead for the economy and markets – and outlines some areas where investors might turn to safety. Plus, in the long/short segment, Grant Williams and Alex Rosenberg trade weight-losing poker players, sexy magazine covers and replying all.

- Source, Real Vision

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Ron Paul: Another Subprime Bubble, The Fed Never Learns

What if, back in 2008, when Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch and many others were toppling like dominoes, someone said to you: “If you think this is bad, wait another decade, and an even bigger financial crisis will loom.” It would have been hard to believe, but it would have been correct. The same policies that created the 2008 crash were adopted and an even bigger bubble is now here. Ron Paul discusses.

- Source, Ron Paul

Monday, April 16, 2018

Gold and The Third Wave: The Wait Is Over

This week we discuss Gold & the third wave. Then we transition to the Cryptocurrency Crash: Cryptos drop to $253BN from $825BN (December 2017) Then we will talk about If you want twice the gold in a few years buy silver now…

Friday, April 13, 2018

As Predicted, The US vs China Trade War Escalates!

As Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St predicted about a month ago, the US vs China trade war continues to escalate with dueling tit for tat punitive tariff announcements by China and President Trump on almost a daily basis over the last few weeks. 

It appears the first American victims (major collateral damage) of the trade war are going to be American farmers who grow certain fruit, almonds and other legumes/nuts, and pork farmers. 

American farmers are running TV commercials on Fox News now on almost an hourly basis begging President Trump to stop escalating this trade war with China which could threaten their financial livelihood and could bankrupt their farm small business.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Currency Wars Erupt, We Have Reached the Point of No Return

It is happening, and it cannot be stopped.

The Currency Wars that have been discussed at length by many precious metals experts for years are here, and there is now no turning back.

As I have previously discussed, these wars have been ongoing for much of the last decade, if not longer. However, it has remained largely a "gentleman's" war, with neither side wishing to expose their hand too much.

Now, with the increased rhetoric coming from the Trump administration, things have turned red hot. Shots are being fired back and forth on an almost daily basis.

President Trump has imposed numerous tariffs on Chinese goods entering the United States. The first was $50 billion worth of tariffs, to which China swiftly responded in kind, imposing $50 billion worth of their own tariffs on American imports such as soybeans and small aircrafts.

As expected, President Trump would not let this stand, and he is now discussing an additional $100 billion worth of tariffs on Chinese goods. This action would, of course, be answered with a likewise response from China.

As we can already see, these actions will have a ripple effect through not only the Chinese and US economies, but the entirety of the West, as these countries are two of the largest importers / exporters in the world.

These increased hostilities show no sign of abating and are likely to increase from this point out. Neither side is willing to back down and show weakness. As a result, stock markets have corrected sharply, proving that they too prescribe to my assumption.

President Trump has vowed to "Make America Great Again", a term that means many things. One involves returning jobs to American shores that were once exported to China.

I believe this is exactly what Trump is attempting to do: force businesses into a position which makes it unprofitable for them to operate in certain overseas locations—such as China and other low wage countries—that benefit from massive trade surpluses at the expense of the American government and the blue collar American working class as a whole.

This, however, does not come without downsides. It will lead to much higher prices in the cost of goods, as higher wages and working standards will force companies to raise their prices. The hope is that these price increases are offset by higher wages and reduced unemployment. A gamble, but one President Trump appears to be more than willing to take.

China, on the other hand, is not stupid, and they have vowed to fight American tariffs to the very end, no matter the cost. This is incredibly scary, especially since they have the ability to "nuke" the US dollar via the massive currency reserves they possess, essentially destabilizing the dollar overnight if they so wish.

I personally believe that China is taking such a hard line response to these actions simply because they know their survival depends on it. The American economic engine keeps their economy running at highly inflated levels, and if trade were to be cut off, the ramifications would destabilize their economy and result in a possible toppling of their communist government. A scenario they cannot afford to see unfold.

Regardless of whether or not cooler heads prevail in the short term, I believe the genie has been let out of the bottle, never to return as long as President Trump is in power.

The Currency Wars are here. Get used to it and take the appropriate action to protect yourselves.

Increased volatility is here to stay.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

James Howard Kunstler: The Coming Economy Of "Less"

Author and commentator James Howard Kunstler returns as our podcast guest this week for an update on where we are in The Long Emergency timeline. 

In this wide-raging discussion ranging from the pervasiveness of propaganda in today's media to the risk of nuclear war, Kunstler also re-news his warnings of a current secular economic slowdown. 

After too many years of market interventions, magical thinking, racketeering, and bleeding the 99% dry, he warns that our culture and economic system will soon reach a snapping point.

- Source, Peak Prosperity

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

One of Wall Street's Veteran Economic Forecasters See's Slowdown Coming

One of Wall Street's veteran economic forecasters is toning down his economic growth forecast. 

The Economic Cycle Research Institute's Lakshman Achuthan told CNBC his leading indicators are pointing to a slowdown that's picking up momentum — highlighting one particular trend in the latest unemployment rate chart that supports his case. 

"What really caught our eye, is that unemployment rate — where it's just flat-lined since October," the firm's chief operations officer said Friday on CNBC's "Trading Nation." 

He contended it doesn't fit within the narrative of the United States' strong growth story.

- Source, CNBC

Monday, April 9, 2018

The Economic Collapse Fight Has Just Gone To The Next Level

Soros allegedly is going to get into the cryptocurrency market. All jobs were revised from last month and the jobs stats do not look that good. 

The entire economic system is falling apart. Trump is now taking the economic collapse fight to the next level. The White House has warned that the market might start to come down and their might be some pain.

- Source, X22 Report

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Barnhardt: Could Bitcoin Soon be Outlawed?

Barnhardt tells Silver Doctors illegal links have been found on Bitcoin’s blockchain. 

Bitcoin could be outlawed, she says. Barnhardt explains how the U.S. government could enforce an outlawing of Bitcoin. 

She also discusses the volatility in the stock market. “Massive volatility is indicative of a lack of integrity in a market.” Barnhardt can’t give trading recommendations. 

However, she currently favors assets that are “utterly essential to human life” such as land, livestock, etc.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Alasdair Macleod: China’s Plan to End Dependency on American Trade

Alasdair Macleod discusses China’s plans for independence and how that may impact the well being of the western world and what to do to protect yourself.

- Source, Jay Taylor Media

Friday, April 6, 2018

Peter Hug: How Will Trump's Tariffs Affect Gold?

Investors no longer believe that President Donald Trump’s proposed tariffs will be detrimental to markets, this according to Peter Hug, Director of Global Trading at Kitco Metals. 

“The market has basically reversed about 50% of the gains [in gold] since that announcement on the Chinese tariffs, [investors] believe that Trump’s bark is worse than his bite, and they don’t think it’s as serious,” Hug told Kitco News. 

“Got a rebound in stock markets and people took profits in gold.” Hug added that in this “difficult” market, investors should hold a percentage allocation in gold to hedge against the myriad of risks.

- Source, Kitco News

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Derrick Michael Reid: Bullion to Infinity and Beyond!

"There are now numerous triggers to a monetary reset and fiat devaluation in place that could send bullion to infinity in terms of price," California Libertarian Senate Candidate Derrick Michael Reid tells Silver Doctors. 

The U.S., China, and Russia are emerging as strong nationalistic forces. Reid says each country is preparing for a fiat currency meltdown. China and Russia has been accumulating gold. And Reid believes the U.S. has the gold it says it has. 

Also, Reid sees Trump teaming up with China and Russia to take down the global bankers.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Chris Marcus: There Is No Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Unwind Plan

If you noticed how, basically, every other asset class has at least doubled or tripled since the Quantitive Easing began and, yet, here the ones that would seemingly be the most sensitive to increased money and increased credit. Gold and silver have stayed where they were. 

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Stockman: It Begins... America’s State Wreck Is Building Momentum

If you dreamed for 30 years, it would be hard to blame you if you forgot what reality was. We’ve been plugged into the fiscal-state Matrix for so long now, many market participants don’t know there is a free market reality separate from this Fed-rigged cocoon they were born into.

The entire state-driven economic and financial fantasy that has been building for more than 30 years is now squarely in harm's way.

The former always depended upon Washington based stimulus, subventions, bailouts and booty. But now having attained an asymptotic high, the Great Bubble is stranded with no Washington fixers to keep it going; instead, it is fixing to slide into a long night of deflation, disorder and decay.

That is to say, we printed 2,870 on the S&P 500, $19.7 trillion of GDP and $97 trillion of household net worth, but those stats weren’t the embodiment of sustainable capitalist prosperity; they were the fruit of a $68 trillion national LBO, a central bank-driven financial asset bubble that has no historical antecedent.

And remember when fiscal conservatism was a rising political force, a vocal voice at the table opposing runaway debt issuance?

The opposite of that is at play now, as Congress gives the green light to thousands of pages of spending they have neither read nor reviewed:

$1.3 trillion omnibus appropriations bill which encompassed 2,232 pages of fiscal largesse. While it funded every single agency of government at startlingly higher levels, not a single member of Congress had actually read it during the 24 hours between when it was printed and when it was enacted.

The heart of the bill---a $695 billion defense appropriation for the current fiscal year---is the real tell. That represents a staggering $80 billion annual increase over the previous DOD spending caps---meaning that the Warfare State has busted loose from any vestige of restraint and rationality.

- Source, David Stockman