Monday, May 17, 2010

The U.S Dollar is Next

"The present relationship, although short term, is that gold is moving in the same direction, of the US dollar. That means that as the US dollar falls markets interpret that as a relief of the euro crisis which results in longs taking profits and shorts establishing positions in gold. A softer dollar today as a product of short covering in the euro for very modest technical and fundaments tidbits means temporarily lower gold as the euro crisis has caused a rush to gold by euro holders. That relationship will stop, but the euro must cease first.

As I explained to you in detail, the next target of credit default derivatives after battering the euro is to batter the US dollar.

After the euro is done within a few sessions the relationship between the dollar and gold will return to inverse in a very big way. This I assure you. With more than 50 years in markets you learn a few things about the madness that goes on."

- Jim Sinclair