Thursday, May 6, 2010

Physical market has smashed gold paper, Sinclair tells King World News

"Eric King of King World News today got a most incisive 12-minute interview out of Jim Sinclair, chairman of Tanzanian Royalty Exploration, proprietor of, and America's "Mister Gold," in which Sinclair remarked, among other things:

-- Physical demand for gold has overwhelmed paper gold selling five times in the last two weeks and the cash market will run the gold market

-- Gold is now the leading currency.

-- While the bankruptcy of Greece is convulsing the financial markets, the bankruptcy of California is four times worse.

-- All states and nations will be bailed out by central banks with "qualitative easing to infinity."

-- The continuing pessimism about gold's prospects is a guarantee of higher prices.

-- The decline of currencies may produce a "Weimar effect" on equities, pushing them up.

-- Confidence in government currencies can evaporate overnight.

You can find the interview with Sinclair at the King World News Internet site here:"