Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Would China and Russia Use the Nuclear Option on the United States?

Would China and Russia really use the “nuclear option” on the US—in other words, dump Treasuries to punish the US and push their countries higher? 

Such a move would cause a severe spike in US interest rates, crash our stock market, and easily push the economy into recession. It’s an extreme scenario, and many analysts believe it would temporarily hurt their own economies, too. 

But neither is the risk zero, given the unending tension in the trade and currency wars. As Mike Maloney and Ronnie Stoeferle discuss in their third video, while US Treasury holdings of both countries are in decline, they are both simultaneously loading up on gold. Russia has been a long-standing buyer on a monthly basis, and China has now added gold to its Reserves for 10 consecutive months. 

As Ronnie says, “it’s no coincidence that China is updating its gold reserves monthly.” The gold-buying trend stretches beyond China, Russia and other emerging markets. Many countries in Europe have been aggressively adding gold to their Reserves—for example, Poland, Romania, and Hungary. 

Further, many of these countries are repatriating their gold from London. In other words, the gold buying isn’t coming just from countries that are hostile to the US, but also its allies.

- Source, Gold Silver