, Gold and Silver News: Bank-like Bitcoin Portal Neo Opens First Branch in Cyprus

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bank-like Bitcoin Portal Neo Opens First Branch in Cyprus

The world’s first brick-and-mortar bitcoin deposit and financial services portal, Neo, opened the doors to its flagship branch in Cyprus at 10:30am local time today.

Neo is the ‘bank-like’ arm of bitcoin business twins Neo & Bee, with Bee serving as the payment processing network. Cypriot residents will have access to services “allowing them to interact with their money like they would with Euro deposits in any traditional bank”, including deposit, savings, business and merchant accounts.

If successful, Neo promises to engrave 24th February 2014 as a landmark date in bitcoin’s history. Economist, author, and bitcoin fan Tuur Demeester attended today’s launch and is hopeful it will set a precedent for similar bitcoin services everywhere:

“Bitcoin is a hero who gives financial autonomy back to the people, that’s the gist of Neo’s marketing campaign. This is a message that really speaks to the distressed population here in Cyprus, who are now realizing that not only can they use bitcoin to regain some essential personal freedoms, but also that they can turn this crisis into an opportunity.”

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