Saturday, December 14, 2013

Jim Willie - Forget About a Taper! FED Will Triple QE!

The true volume of QE bond monetization purchases is much higher than reported. It is way over $100 billion per month, probably closer to $200 billion per month.

The USFed recently relented, they blinked, and when they briefly told the truth, they admitted the QE volume would continue forever and a day. Given the political pressures, and some reflection in corner office lavatories, they toy with the concept of tapering again. They realize the hyper monetary inflation has turned into a deadly toxic dependence. It is useful for the mere mortals among the 99% crowd to absorb the realities behind QE and its true nature, better described as QE to Infinity. The sidebar is Zero Percent Forever. The USFed is stuck in the destructive monetary policy.

The USEconomy is in steady deterioration, the recession dreadful and relentless. The USFed is monetizing an amount equal to 150% of the official USGovt deficit. The Global Currency Reset is extremely complicated, thorny, and dangerous.

The winner will be Gold.

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