Monday, July 29, 2013

The Banking Cartel is Your Enemy! NOT Jim Sinclair!

Submitted by SD reader Sovereign Economist:

Having been to two of Jim’s Q&A sessions, I’ve found them enormously useful. He does say things in those sessions that TPTB would definitely not want to see on a public website. Having run an internet radio network dedicated to counteracting the MSM propaganda stream for a few years, I do understand the fine line the man has to walk. He has business and personal interests they could very easily damage hugely, were he to be considered too big a mouth…

I would also observe that Jim is not the only one to make predictions that have not panned out in relationship to timing. But, do understand that the cartel’s MO is to do everything in their power to discredit gold as a goto for financial survival. And, one of their acknowledged strategies in this pursuit is to act against the consensus of predictions in the markets they manipulate. Sinclair, whatever else you may want to say about him, is one of the more experienced and knowledgeable minds in our business. PERIOD.

Those of you you who have taken the man’s advice have not lost money. He has not said to sell your gold recently, if ever, that I can recall. He has said to ACCUMULATE it and hold it. You have no loss unless you did something he has not suggested you do. Namely, SELL IT! You have no loss until, and unless you sell. Now, if you are upset that the value of the metals you are holding is less than your cost of acquisition, then you are a trader. Jim does suggest trading. If you do trade, that puts YOU squarely in the gun-sights of the bankers that want to strip you of everything you have right down to your very LIFE. Stackers, on the other hand, are IMMUNE to the banker’s train robbery tricks.

One day, the US Dollar is going to die. And with it, a lot of people will suffer enormously. Give the man some credit for trying to avert the coming tragedy of the many at the hands of the criminals that determine the paper prices of your physical holdings. If you can’t stand the volatility of the markets, then sell down to your comfort level and forget about the metals. Jim Sinclair is NOT YOUR ENEMY. The enemy is the BANKING CARTEL. TRY TO REMEMBER THAT!

- Source, Silver Doctors: