Friday, December 14, 2012

The Physical Market is Reasonably Tight

"The physical market (for gold and silver) is reasonably tight. You’ve seen things like China, which is now arguably the largest gold producer in the world, being the largest gold importer in the world. You are seeing steady physical off-take in a market where the futures markets would seem to be adequately balanced between buyers and sellers.

So you aren’t seeing advances in the long prices of gold. But what you are seeing is continued physical off-take. I think, ultimately, that will be reflected both in the spot price of gold and in the futures prices of both gold and silver. You know we’ve now bought $4.3 billion worth of gold and silver.

I would suggest that within Sprott we are developing a core competency in terms of our ability to time our offerings to the availability of gold and silver in the market. We did have a problem a year ago obtaining silver when one of our offerings raised more money than we had anticipated it would.

But we’ve learned a lot about the physical market for gold and silver bullion. So, at least in the current context, were we to do an offering on the gold and silver side, my suspicion is we would be fairly competent at deploying the capital we raised in equity markets, in (to) the physical markets.”

- Rick Rule during a recent King World News interview, read the full interview here: