Saturday, January 9, 2010

U.S Dollar is Toast

"Take a look at the following list of news topics:

-Tishman Real Estate to miss payment on a commercial loan of over $5 billion on a massive New York apartment complex, the 2nd largest default in commercial real estate loans in history.
-California declares an economic emergency.
-Employment figures stink.
-Apartment vacancies hit record highs.
-Foreclosures are setting new records.
-Consumer credit in the US drops a record $17.5 billion.

The US dollar is toast. Gold is headed to $1650 – $1764 now.

Remember, at $1764 1,000,000 mineable ounces of gold in production will have a gross worth $1,764,000,000.

That is real money. That is honest money."

- Jim Sinclair as seen on